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We are very happy to inform you that the girls school has opened since July 2013.

We welcome everyday around 90 girls (it was supposed to be 60 girls).

Ella and Martine went to India in May 2013.
The purpose was to go to the village of Tresta to meet 50 to 60 girls (aged 5 to 14 years), for which we will create the school.
Given the fragile health of some children medical care should be provided at school by a medical doctor who should come every 15 days in the beginning , to make medical visits, issue a health card and cure the children.
It is important to note that as these girls are not educated, they work in the fields, will cook and prepare meals for the family, take care of the house, take cows and goats to the forest to be fed and take care of their younger sisters and brothers
Some are sexually abused and / or they are kidnapped and kept as slaves.
We met children who had a very  sad history, without family they live in the street and are sleeping on the floor
We can not and do not want them to continue to live like that  as they have the right to live in dignity and we have a moral obligation to help them.
Our visit also allowed us to meet some parents and share with them the importance of education of their daughters to give them a better future. It was easy because parents eagerly awaiting the creation of the school.
They know that when their daughters will read and write it can find a job easily in the nearby town. We propose to those who wish sewing workshops and aesthetics in order to learn something manual  that will be of great benefit.
When visiting the village, we distributed over 150 garments to the  children, they were in dire need ! They were very pleased and so are we.
We thank all the generous donors who have given us many T-shirts, dresses, pants ...
The total cost of this school project is € 14,930 which will cover ALL the annual school fees (60 schoolgirls, dress uniforms, school supplies, food, medical care, faculty salaries, electricity ...).
We need donations and partnerships with businesses.
If you wish to sponsor our project all amounts are welcome.
There is an urgent need for school because the condition of some girls is alarming.
 "Knowing what we confront is alarming, but ignore it's terrible." Victor Hugo
For the second part of our visit we went to Jaipur to meet the children sponsored by families of Monaco and surroundings, thanks to them children can go to school every day. They had prepared a small spéctacle of 2 hours they were very proud to perform.
We also thank the families for the gifts they had asked us to distribute their sposored children and once again thank you all for the many clothes that we could bring them.
We present to you our project via the little film and some photos
Thank you again for helping the children


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