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Artcile by Nancy Heslin


October 27, 2017

Autumn is here ... Our Newsletter 2017 too ...

Dear friends and members of Child CARE Monaco,


Our volunteers team

Martine Ackermann: founder/president,

Annie Battaglia: Vice-President, Dominique Revelly: Secretary and Ambassador, Bernhard Ackermann: Treasurer.


NEWS 2017

March: General Meeting with the participation of Mr. Paliwal Ramesh from India to meet the members.

-Visit in schools of the Principality with Mr Ramesh Paliwal and Martine Ackermann at FANB, St Maur and ISM.

Warm welcome from the directors and professors.

Our 4 projects 2017/2019:

Computers, buying bicycles, solar panels and mushrooms production. 

Thank you Dominique who was in charge of the bike project.


- A big thank you to the National Education Ministry of Monaco which recognized and encouraged our work by a check of 4000€ that we will use for the projects.


-Martine Ackermann met the students of Edhec Nice for a partnership during the 2017/2018 school year to raise funds for one of our projects.

Saturday, June 03, 2017 - Soirée BON’ART: a success: when art is allied with the humanitarian. Many thanks to all benefactor members without whom it would not have been possible.


Sunday 17th September The 4th Vintage Cars Rally with the glamorous departure Place du Casino and the arrival Place du Palais was a huge success, thanks to the support and the motivation of the Ladies to help the underprivileged children.

Thanks to Fabrice Leroy and Classic Rent a car.

A big Thank you for the support from the Principality and members of the Government

- October / November: Martine Ackermann our President went to India with Annie Battaglia to follow the progress of the work of the school:

- Visit of the Taj Mahal for the children of Jaipur

- Realization of the Bicycles project (Purchase of bikes on site)

November 2017: Child CARE Monaco once again participated in the International Day of the Rights of the Child alongside the National Education of Youth and Sports and ensured a presence at the Christmas Market on their stand.

 02 December: Gala with Santa's surprise visit to celebrate the 5 years of Child CARE Monaco ..

We remind that ALL our events are used to raise funds for our projects to support the education of the poorest children in India.

Our annual visits and exchanges with the governments have made it possible to finance a road and thus to be recognized, to have weight and influence to diminish the tradition of forced marriages in the village.

Namasté ...


Hello.Monaco by Olga Taran



4th Ladies Ralye Vintage Cars Event by Child CARE Monaco.







Ladies rally Gingham-style for Child CARE Monaco


By Staff Writer - 

The 4th edition of the Ladies Vintage Charity Rally left in full “pumps and circumstance” from Casino Square Sunday morning. The annual women-only event, which has become a fall tradition, is organised by the Monaco-based Child CARE (Charity Association for the Right to Education) Monaco.

In addition to respecting this year’s Gingham theme (think Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz), every one of Sunday’s 50 participants had one thing in common: to support Martine Ackermann.


September 2016 Newsletter


Dear Friends and Members,

As Summer comes to an end, let us continue to make our projects a reality.


News 2016:

We have the pleasure of introducing to you our Team, always united for the same reason.


President: Martine Ackermann, Vice President: Annie Battaglia, Secretary: Isabelle Marsan

Treasurer: Bernhard Ackermann, Ambassador: Dominique Revelly


Here is the layout of our School today inaugurated in October 2015.

5 classrooms, 1 teacher's office, 1 library, 1 room for the volunteers, 1 nurse's office

1 kitchen, 1 badmington court, 1 recess playground


90 students and a waiting list of 60 girls (we are unable to accept any more due to a lack of funds)


We would like to announce something very important.

Due to the traditions and customs of the Country, we would like to point out that sponsorship does not unfortunately exclude the possible marriage of some of the girls.


May 2016:

The Charity Concert of the Young Musicians at the "Théatre des Variétés" on Wednesday, May 18th 2016 was a huge success. We would like to thank the 30 young artists who participated and brought their energy and their talent. Thank you for attending in such a great number.


May 2016:

From May 19th to the 21st Martine and Dominique took part in the 6th annual "Salon des Solidarités" in Paris as representatives of Child Care Monaco on behalf of the Principality of Monaco.


Paul Eluard once said, Il n'y a pas de hasard il n’y a que des rendez-vous-….


The 3rd annual Ladies Rally Vintage Cars  "Belles en Perles" (beautiful in pearls) with a glamorous departure at the Place du Casino and an arrival at the Palace was a big success..

His Highness Prince Albert II gave us the honor of coming for the cocktail and trophy remittance.

All funds raised will be donated in full to our School in India, which is yours.


Mark in your diaries:


October 2016:

Martine Ackermann, our President, will travel to India with Annie Battaglia to see the development of the School and to define its future needs and improvements.


November 2016:

Child Care Monaco will participate once again in the "Journée Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant" along with the Education Nationale.


Sunday December 3th 2016 we look forward to seeing you at our Gala Dinner.

 Book your places now for this dinner.!!


Thank you again for your support. Without you none of this would be possible. Remember that the School name is SNEH which means love and affection. 

Isn't it a beautiful message?



Since July 2015, we are happy to announce you that we are building a new school as the other was for temporary use.

This new school will be bigger, more addapted and we welcome more girls in 5 classrooms. There will be a dispensary, a kitchen and a nice playground. If the budget permitts,  we will also have a library.

Monaco Madame September 2014

The Riviera Women Interview by Anna Fill. Please clic the link below

Please clic the following link to read the interview :

The Riviera women

Child CARE Monaco welcomes you :

The Monaco Charity Association Child CARE Monaco (Charity Association for the Right to Education) was created after the Ackermann family had made a three-month trip around the world and they came back home highly involved and concerned for children who all over the world are still denied access to school education, this most basic but important and precious human right.

This is how our association was born, whose aim is to promote the education of children in dire need of help all over the world.

The homepage of our association urges you to stop feeling unconcerned, to stop relying on others to do the demanding part and stop shunning it all thinking that this is happening in far away countries and that nothing can be done about it.

This page is the page of people of good will whose only concern is to persuade each and every one you that when there is a will, there is a way.


Join us and become :

  • a benevolent member taking part in the organization of events meant to raise funds, financially support organizations and men and women whose good will alone cannot suffice alas to provide for as many needy children as possible. The center Taabar (India) will be the first to benefit from our action.
  • a benefactor by donating, you will help develop the projects of Child CARE Monaco.


The Taabar project we support:

  • A kitchen at Bal Basera centre in Jaïpur
  • Sponsoring children
  • Setting up a girls' school in UdaÏpur area :

    Chitorgah - Rajasthan

    Trestha village




  1. Raise  14930 euros/year to set up the girls school 
  2. raise 149 euros per year per sponsored child (health, education, clothing, food...)


Child CARE Monaco

41 Avenue de l'Annonciade

MC - 98000 Monaco

Child CARE Monaco

Parce que l'éducation pour les enfants est un droit.

Parrainer 1 enfant: 149€ par an- contactez nous pour plus d'inforamtions

Entreprises, si notre projet d'école de filles vous sensibilise, n'hésitez pas à nous apporter votre soutien en devenant notre partenaire. Devenez le sponsor de notre projet.

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